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The Discovery


At a time in the near future, when the Earth is a different place, a discovery has been made. And while Duke is as excited as everyone else about the news, and can’t wait to see it with his own eyes, his partner John is a little less…enthusiastic.


For the past few weeks, John has been caught up in anguish, caused by his feelings for Duke. Although they have been together for many years, sharing fun-filled holidays around the world as well as the ups and downs of everyday life, John has the feeling that he may be falling out of love with Duke.


Begrudgingly, he agrees to go with John to see the new discovery, figuring the long hours in the car will create the perfect opportunity for them to talk. Little does he know that he is about to make a discovery of his own.


What is the game-changing discovery that lies at the end of the journey? But more importantly, what is it John is going to find out that will change his life forever?         




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